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NAKED HEAT PALETTE – Eyeshadow for dropped hood eyelids!

Oh heyy!

Today I have a 4 step ‘tutorial'(?) to show you how I do my day-to-day eyeshadow using the new Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. I only use 3 shades for this look and it is fairly subtle. This palette is amazing for building your look up from a daytime to an evening look and all of the colours can be used to create really different makeup looks.


I had primed my eyelids with the ‘Stay Don’t Stray’ eyeshadow primer by Benefit. With a clean fluffy brush, I used the first colour on the palette on the left, ‘Ounce’ and applied it all over my lid, taking it close to my brow.

step 1

With another clean fluffy brush, I took the shade ‘Sauced’ through my crease and blended it out.

Tip: As you can see, the line from the outer corner of my eyelid to the end of my eyebrow is very clean and straight. I use one of those wooden icelolly sticks and hold it there with my spare hand. To get the correct angle for this, I place the stick at the bottom corner of my nose and the end of my eyebrow.

step 2 new

Next, I used a thinner, dense brush and darkened the crease with the shade ‘Lumbre’. This adds more definition and creates a slight illusion of a higher crease.

step 3

Follow the guide created by the icelolly stick for a perfect angled winged liner. My favourite liner and the one I used for this look is the Kat Von D – Tattoo Liner. Finish the look off with mascara of course.

step 4

Thank you so much for reading!

Lou xo


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